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I’m Jeffrey James, a world renowned trainer and former professional basketball player. Ever since I’ve retired from professional basketball, I’ve helped tens of thousands of players across the world gain 20+ inches on their vertical and was featured on many magazines and websites for my 50 Inch Vertical system.

What exactly is the 50 Inch Vertical system?

The 50 Inch Vertical system is a new unique multi-faceted vertical jump training program that provides you with all the tools you need to take your game to the next level. Inside are the same industry secrets used by professional basketball players and athletes to help you obtain your maximum vertical jump and quickness in a quick, safe and efficient manner.

the only vertical jump training system that guarantees at least 10 inches in 8 weeks!

The best part is that ANYONE can use it. Anyone using the 50 Inch Vertical system can improve their vertical and start dunking in just a matter of weeks. It doesn’t matter if you’re young or old, tall or short, fit or overweight, or what race and nationality you are. YOU can improve your vertical and start dunking like the pros with the 50 Inch Vertical program.

“Just Imagine The Thrill Of Dunking On Your Opponents!”


Wow, I’ve tried everything – jump manuals, jump shoes, leg weights, training systems and none of them worked. I almost believed the saying that Asians can’t jump, but out of anger after some trash talking opponents, I decided to give your system a try. Now I’m so glad that I did. I just did my first dunk yesterday and I can’t wait to play them again!

Thanks man, James

How it all started…

Back in high school I was short, slow, overweight... and couldn't really jump...

I’ve always loved playing basketball but as you can probably tell, I wasn’t very good. It took me 2 years of trying out to join my school’s basketball team. Even when I finally made it onto the team, I didn’t get any playing time just because other players were taller and jumped higher than me.

It didn’t matter that I was a better passer and shooter than them because other players were just blocking my shots and jumped all over me to get all the rebounds and easy dunks. I became fed up.

I was tired of other players being

I committed myself to training and bought all the best jump manuals, training programs, systems, shoes and guides that I could, hoping to improve my vertical.

Four months and almost two thousand dollars later…

My vertical improved from 24 inches to a whopping… 27 inches. I couldn’t believe it, none of those famous and popular vertical training programs worked!

I was tired of getting trash talked and pushed around...

and not getting any results no matter how hard I tried. I gave up… I thought that there was nothing left I could do…

Then 2 weeks later… out of nowhere my friend calls and say “QUICK, come over right now!” and hanged up. Since he only lived a block away and I thought that he just wanted to hang out on a Sunday afternoon, I went without asking any questions.

I never would’ve guessed what happened next. When I got there, he introduced me to his uncle who happens to work with professional NBA athletes on their verticals! He was visiting town for a few days and was having dinner over!

I told him about my vertical problems and he told me that I could actually gain 8 inches on my vertical in just 8 weeks! In my head I was thinking there’ss no way someone can gain 8 inches in 8 weeks, can they? Everyone on my team spent years training in order to be able to dunk or even just touch the rim and this guy tells me that he can help me do it in just a few weeks. Skeptical but extremely excited, I asked him how? and I couldn’t believe what happened next…

He taught me private training methods and techniques that only professional NBA athletes and their trainers knew about!

It was like nothing that I’ve ever seen before! I finally learned why my vertical has never been able to get past 27 inches no matter how hard and much I trained… I was training wrong the entire time!

Coaches, trainers and other programs are all still teaching the same old techniques and methods that he told me to AVOID AT ALL COSTS!

They’re either unsafe or ineffective, or even both! Thanks to them, I was making the same mistakes that 97% of all athletes still make today and my performance suffered heavily. I was actually doing more harm than good to my vertical by weakening my joints and ankles due to all the unsafe training that I’ve been doing.

If I had continued, I would’ve BLOWN OUT my knees and ankles sooner or later, and would’ve been unable to play competitive sports ever again.

With that in mind and using everything that I’ve learned on that day to separate between the good and the bad, I went and put together a new training system that uses a little bit of every program that I’ve used in the past. The new system uses and contains the best information from all of the training programs that I’ve used in the past and everything that my friend’s uncle has taught me. Best of all, there were even private training techniques that my coaches taught me that even he did not know about!

I tested the system with my friend who doesn't even play basketball... and we were SHOCKED with the results we saw after 8 weeks...

My vertical jump improved from 27 to 39 inches – a 12 inch gain in just 2 months when I’ve been training for the past 3 years for little to no results! My friend who has honestly never touched weights or trained before in his life improved his vertical by 9 inches!

What was most surprising however was that this new system was 1.5x more effective than the one my friend’s uncle gave me! He told me that I would gain 8 inches in 8 weeks with his system… my friend and I saw 9-12 inch gains with the new combined system! Not only was I able to dunk after just several weeks, I was also a lot quicker than before.

My minutes per game jumped from barely 2 minutes to over 32 a game soon after. That’s when I knew I had something special.

Now after years of tweaking the original system, and with my experiences through all levels of basketball, the 50 Inch Vertical jump program has finally been completed and is more effective than ever before.

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You've Always Wanted To Dunk... Now You Can!

I’ve been using my system to help train thousands of athletes for years now and I know all the proper ways to improve your vertical right away even if you’ve never trained before. I’ll show you step by step how you can improve your vertical and start dunking in just 4 weeks using industry secrets in a quick, safe and efficient manner that you’ll find nowhere else.

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